LED Pokemon GO Trainer Card


This Pokémon Go LED acrylic trainer card is made of 3 different layers of acrylic which gives it a fantastic 3D effect.

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Instantly transform your surroundings with this Pokémon Go LED agent card. Show your faction colors and captivate that get-together with fellow trainers.

🌈 Seven colors and five dynamic lighting modes. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Cyan, Pink, & White. Solid, flashing slow & fast, fading, pulsing.

🔌 USB Rechargeable: Never run out of light. Simply long-press for two seconds to power on/off your LED keychain. USB charging cable included.

🕓 Rechargeable 3-5 Hours working time battery.

📐 Measures 11 cm x 5.5 cm (including LED module).

The badges that can be personalized are:

You can choose between the following pokemons:

You can choose to display your trainer code for sharing it easily with other trainers at the next Community Day:


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