LED Resistance Agent Card (Copy)


This LED acrylic agent card is made of 4 different layers of acrylic which gives it a fantastic 3D effect. During the day, enjoy showing your personalized card with your agent name, Ingress cell where you usually play and your 4 favorite Ingress badges. At night, turn on the blue LED and give your surroundings a beautiful blue glow, the perfect complement to a great beergress evening with your team.

The LED is powered by a CR2032 battery and has an on/off switch. It is super easy to replace the battery when it runs out. The card measures: 98 x 64 x 8 mm

The badges that can be personalized are:

(Builder, Connector, Engineer, Explorer, Mission Day / Guardian, Hacker, Illuminator, Liberator, Founder / Mind Controller, Pioneer, Purifier, Recharger, Seer / Sojourner, Spec Ops, Translator, Trekker, Beergress / Chaperone, Toast, Catgress, Passage to Osiris, Simulacrum / Mascot, Kraken, Knuffel, Bikegress, Dogress / Cargress, Osiris Victory)

You will also see what you are supposed to be doing on a regular basis ( in case that you forgot):

  • Attack portal
  • Neutralize portal
  • Deploy portal
  • Hack portal
  • Link portal
  • Field portal



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