Resistance Agent Card


Personalise this laser cut acrylic agent card with your agent name, Ingress cell, your 4 favorite Ingress badges (out of more than 40), and even your anomaly team. Wear your agent badge proudly at the next Ingress anomaly!

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This laser cut acrylic agent card contains your agent name, Ingress cell where you usually play and your 4 favorite Ingress badges.

The badges that can be personalized are:

You will also see what you are supposed to be doing on a regular basis (in case that you forgot):

  • Attack portal
  • Neutralize portal
  • Deploy portal
  • Hack portal
  • Link portal
  • Field portal


You can replace the attack/neutralize/deploy/hack/link/field icon sequence with your team name. If your team is not listed and you are able to order 3 or more cards, contact us to have your team listed!

Note on requesting new teams: since space is limited, maximum team name is 6 characters + logo or 7 characters.


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